Rain Room @ MoMA, NYC


Exhibition period: May 12- July 28, 2013 

Worth visit: 5 stars

Hint: remember to take your camera with you!

Random International’s immersive environment Rain Room (2012), a

major component of the MoMA PS1 exhibition EXPO 1: New York, is presented in the lot directly adjacent to The Museum of Modern Art. A field of falling water that pauses wherever a human body is detected, Rain Room offers visitors the experience of controlling the rain. Known for their distinctive approach to contemporary digital practice, Random International’s experimental projects come alive through audience interaction—and Rain Room is their largest and most ambitious to date. The work invites visitors to explore the roles that science, technology, and human ingenuity can play in stabilizing our environment. Using digital technology, Rain Room creates a carefully choreographed downpour, simultaneously encouraging people to become performers on an unexpected stage and creating an intimate atmosphere of contemplation.

Rain Room is open daily during regular Museum hours. Note: Admittance to the queue will end once it reaches capacity, prior to Museum closing.

The entrance to Rain Room is on West 54 Street, between Fifth and Sixth avenues. Same-day MoMA admission, EXPO 1 admission, or a MoMA membership card is required for entry. An EXPO 1 admission ticket may be applied toward the price of a Museum admission ticket or MoMA Membership through July 28.

MoMA members and their guests enjoy priority access to Rain Room at all times, as well as an exclusive early member viewing hour, from 9:30 to 10:30 a.m. daily throughout the run of the installation. Corporate Card holders and their guests enjoy priority access to Rain Room at all times. However, priority access to this installation does not extend to Corporate Member employees (those holding only an employee ID).

In order for visitors to enjoy the sensory experience of Rain Room, capacity is limited to 10 people at a time. Entry is on a first-come, first-served basis and wait times are expected to be significant. Entry is not guaranteed. Please note that the queue for Rain Room is outside, so plan your visit accordingly.

In response to extremely high demand, the Museum has instituted a viewing-only queue. Visitors can now move through the installation from the side, without walking directly below the rain area, and experience the installation at very close range with minimal wait times.

Please keep the following information in mind as you plan your visit.

Visitors should be aware that this is a dark installation featuring falling water. It is possible that you may get slightly wet.

In order for the technology to work most effectively, visitors are discouraged from wearing dark, shiny, reflective fabrics, fabrics made of raincoat material, or skinny high heels.

Children must be closely supervised at all times and visitors should proceed slowly through the installation.

Rain Room is subject to close for brief periods during the day if maintenance is required.

Photography is encouraged in Rain Room. Post your photos or videos on Twitter, Instagram, and Flickr with the hashtag #RainRoom, and they will appear in a live stream at MoMAPS1.org/expo1.


The presentation of Rain Room at The Museum of Modern Art is the U.S. premiere of this monumental environment. The piece debuted at Barbican Centre, London, in October 2012. For more details, please visit the EXPO 1: New York website.


source: http://www.moma.org/visit/calendar/exhibitions/1380



MoMA, also known as Museum of Modern Art, is a place that fuels creativity, ignites minds, and provides inspiration.

The most famous collection at MoMA is “Starry Night” by Netherlander impressionist painter Van Gogh. This amazing piece of modern art was paint in 1889, France and famous for its colorful mysterious night sky scene.

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Directions: www.moma.org/visit/plan/gettingthere

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Children: Free

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Sponsored by UNIQLO, all Fridays between 4 p.m. to 8 p.m.are now open free to the public; donations and contributions are still welcomed. But there will be lots of people during free hours, if you want to have better visit experience, get there early or choose another time.

If you have modern art, apply for a membership and get a whole year free admissions. Also, a member can bring at most five visitors at cost of $5 per person to the museum. Members enjoy 10%-20% off at MoMA gift store.

Student membership costs $50 per year and the only difference is MoMA do not send you regular calendar mails—— you can get the same calendar online. If one family tries to visit MoMA, children whoever at school can apply for a student membership and brings other family member as guests, save costs in tickets! (e.g. family of three including one student, total cost use student membership = $50+$5*2=$60 plus gift store discount savings, compared to regular price = $25*2+$14 =$64)

You can order tickets online to avoid long wait at the ticket office, just bring a copy of conformation or show the email to information desk, they will print your tickets for you.

Any paid ticket can be deducted when you apply for a membership on the same date.

MoMA gift shop sells books, gifts, postcards and all other things you might see in other museum shop. Besides those, they sell designed home/office accessories at affordable price. You may find lots of useful tools and pretty glasses at the store. Definitely worth shopping! And remember, members enjoy extra 20% off.

Parking in MoMA’s garage costs at least $17 for 2 hours and $20 for 4 hours, but parking outside along the street costs only $2 per hour.


现代艺术博物馆是一所在纽约市的曼哈顿中城的博物馆,也是世界上最杰出的现代艺术收藏之一。其在纽约市另设有MoMA PS1展览馆,购买一张门票可于一天同时参观两个馆。可向信息中心索取中文地图及简介。最著名的收藏是梵高名作《星夜》。

每周五晚四点至八点免费, 门票由优衣库赞助。但一般免费时段观光人数较多,建议想要更好游览体验的游客选择其他时段前去参观。

会员年费为每年85 美元,学生会员年费为50美元。唯一的区别只是学生会员不会收到纸质的展览信息函件,但所有信息都可于官网查询到。同时,会员可享受博物馆商店所有商品最低八折优惠








Urs Fischer is a Swiss-born artist, in this exhibition he weaves together some of his most memorable and iconic sculptural works while creating an unexpected landscape in both venues. Fischer’s world is fluctuating and unpredictable, and the pleasure that we derive from his sculpture and painting is based on our attraction to and simultaneous repulsion by the dreamlike appearances that he constructs. Fischer’s work is characterized by an unending diversity of materials, strategies, concepts, and images. Sculptures are created through an elaborate aluminum casting process, roughly hewn in wood, or cast in wax only to melt away during the run of the exhibition. The artist delights in the possibilities of surface, but even works that suggest his handmade touch turn out to have been produced through a range of digital processes in order to create the oddly surreal appearance of reality gone wrong.


At MOCA Grand Avenue, Fischer presents a survey of works from the last two decades. Among the subjects addressed are his sly and humorous approach to the human figure as represented by a group of skeleton sculptures, partial figures seated on top of furniture, and the head shots of 1950s film stars similarly obscured and defaced. Everyday furniture and objects have experienced a material transformation as stiff structures droop and collapse and others magically appear suspended in space.

At The Geffen Contemporary at MOCA, Fischer has undertaken a vast collaborative project contributed to by 1,500 individuals invited to come and work in clay in the weeks preceding the exhibition opening. All were asked to join him in making figures and animals out of clay-familiar forms to all, allowing for variation within a theme so that the possibilities for style, structure, scale, and finish are open to exploration while the overall refrain remains the same. Scattered throughout the expansive space of The Geffen, the clay forms are interspersed with Fischer’s works, including the massive wax sculpture Untitled (2011), which takes the form of Giambologna’s Rape of the Sabine Women (1579-83). Subjected to a process of melting through the controlled burning of strategically located wicks, the work brings together the ephemeral and the monolithic. Outside the museum, a reversal of this process has taken place as Fischer has transformed a small-scale clay sculpture into a colossus. Further reflecting on this method of conversion, Fischer’s photo-illusionistic wallpaper re-creates the environment of the studio of the New York-based artist Josh Smith. Fischer leads the viewer through the carefully orchestrated exhibition, from one spatial experience or visual scenography to another, bringing together the apparently disparate parts of the tale to create a landscape of fragmented figures, ruins, and fracture.


MOCA is short for Museum of Contemporary Art, located in 3 places in Los Angeles.

Exhibition duration: Apr 21st, 2013 – Aug 19th, 2013

This exhibition holds only in MOCA Grant Ave and The Geffen Contemporary at MOCA.

Exhibition information source:



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